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News Press Releases Gordon welcomes medical sector’s support to Senate probe

Gordon welcomes medical sector’s support to Senate probe

October 09, 2021 Press Releases
Gordon welcomes medical sector’s support to Senate probe

Senator Richard J. Gordon today welcomed another manifesto of support from leaders of the medical and health sectors to the Senate's investigation into the alleged anomalous government procurement deals for the country’s COVID-19 response.

Gordon, who chairs the blue ribbon committee, said that more and more people are now speaking out and standing up against the corruption that now haunts the government’s response to the pandemic since it broke out 18 months ago.

“Our medical and healthcare professionals have long suffered during this pandemic, and we cannot stress enough that they are our biggest heroes for all the risks and hardships they have to deal with in taking care of our sick people,” he said.

“I join them in their collective call of righteous indignation to the government’s poor governance and slow response to curb the spread of COVID-19 that took the lives of many people, including among the healthcare workers,” he added.

In a seven-page statement, past presidents and leaders of medical societies have expressed support to the Senate investigation into the alleged anomalous government procurement of medical supplies and equipment for COVID-19 response.

“We support the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee in its investigation to seek the truth and crush corruption that has severely crippled our society.  Public office is public trust. Public officials should be accountable to the people,” they said.

The manifesto of support was led by former Health Secretary Dr. Esperanza Cabral, public health advocate Dr. Tony Leachon, and past presidents of Philippine College of Physicians, Makati Medical Center, among many others.

Gordon has served as a strong ally for the medical and healthcare sectors, pushing for continuing benefits for health workers severely hit or perishing from COVID-19 during the pandemic.

As volunteer chairman and CEO of the Philippine Red Cross, Gordon has led in helping the government by serving as the country’s biggest testing facility through its 10 molecular laboratories scattered across the archipelago, among others.

“We must continue helping boost the morale of our medical frontliners. Without them, we will surely have perished as a people,” he said.

The Philippines has continued to be ravaged by COVID-19, nearing a total of 2.65 million cases according to the latest case bulletin of the DOH.

Foreign news organization Nikkei Asia recently ranked the Philippines last among 121 nations in its latest rankings, which considers infection management, vaccine rollout and social mobility.