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News Press Releases Gordon thanks Catholic radio for imparting platform

Gordon thanks Catholic radio for imparting platform

March 26, 2022 Press Releases
Gordon thanks Catholic radio for imparting platform

Senator Richard J. Gordon thanked Radio Veritas for allowing him to impart his platform and beliefs in a senatorial radio forum.

Gordon said that the two-hour interview was an enjoyable experience, for it allowed him to answer doubts against his candidacy directly.

"Let me say how much I enjoyed this. It has been one of the best forums that I have attended," said Gordon.

"You are able to ask me rough questions na I think we should avoid categorizations. Not all of us are perfect, but I’m glad we had this conversation. Thank you very much," he added.

Fr. Jerome Secillano, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines Public Affairs executive secretary and known radio host, mentioned that Gordon is somebody worth emulating by political aspirants.

“I do believe that the likes of Sen. Gordon are somebody na i-emulate ng mga pulitiko. He isn't perfect, yet so are we,” Fr. Secillano said in his musings of Gordon.

“Pero nakita natin dito bilang public servant ang mga kakayanan na dapat pino-possess ng isang public servant, I do think that he has that,” continued the priest.

Secillano cited Gordon's stances, which are in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the predominant faith in the country.

Included is his effort to protect the rights of indigenous peoples in the country, as made example by Gordon's efforts to preserve and uplift the lives of Aetas in Zambales, especially after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

Another one is Gordon's commitment to uphold human rights in the country amidst impunity, something the senator has done as chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

Despite not endorsing any candidate in the May 9 general elections, Secillano believes Gordon should be one of those people should consider when shading their ballots.

“I am just saying karapat-dapat na bigyan siya muli ng pagkakataon. I'm not campaigning for him, but this is just an objective assessment of what I've heard,” he said.

In the two-hour forum, Gordon imparted his accomplishments in his five-decade public service career, and his vision for the country, as it rises from the pandemic.

Gordon was also cited for his commitment in the protection of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), strengthening the bond of Filipino families, and upholding morality.

The senator also mentioned that he will never tolerate abusive relationships, adding that there must be a way out for battered spouses through legal separation.

At the conclusion of the interview, Gordon pledged to participate in an upright, transparent, and honest manner heading to the polls, and urged voters to vote responsibly.

“Bad leaders are always a result of bad voters,” remarked Gordon.