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News Press Releases Choose candidates based on proven track-record, Gordon tells Filipino voters

Choose candidates based on proven track-record, Gordon tells Filipino voters

January 05, 2022 Press Releases
Choose candidates based on proven track-record, Gordon tells Filipino voters

Re-electionist Senator Richard J. Gordon today urged the Filipino electorate to be more discerning when choosing the next national and local candidates for the upcoming May 9, 2022 general elections.

Gordon, a seasoned leader and lawmaker, said Filipino voters should resist the lure of instant gratification from populist candidates who are long on promises but short on providing realistic solutions to the most pressing problems of the nation. 

“Sana matuto tayo na isipin kung gaano tayo kalayo aa ng ibang bansa dahil hindi tayo marunong pumili ng mga tunay na lider. Inuuna natin yung pangkasalukuyan o ang instant gratification,” he said.

“Happy tayo ngayon, ngunit hindi natin tinitignan yung gagawin dapat ng mga lider natin. Huwag tayong aasa sa mga lider, bagkus ipaalala natin sa ating mga anak na talagang kung nag-aaral, gumaganda ang buhay, pero sariling kayod,” he added.

Gordon pointed out that every candidate must be able to lay down a clear and concrete platform that will immediately address not only the pandemic at hand but also, most importantly, the recovery plan afterwards.

One of the major issues hounding the country is the increasing number of COVID-19 cases which have multiplied exponentially, the 7.4 percent unemployment rate, and the 46.1 million hungry Filipinos who have limited access to decent food.

Another problem facing the country is the massive corruption in the government, making these corrupt officials and their cohorts to be made accountable for their wrongdoing.

Gordon also called on the media, the so-called “Fourth Estate,” to take a more active part in shaping the national discourse by making the public become more aware about the stance of candidates on issues that impact their daily affairs.

“Ano ba ang issue? Hanapbuhay, may pandemic, marami nang naghirap, hindi nakapaghanapbuhay, marami nang walang pangpaaral. Imporanteng Issue iyan na dapat nating pinag-uusapan,” he said.

“Pangalawa, makakapagdala ka ba ng hanapbuhay? Ang hina-hina ng daloy ng investment samantalang ang ibang bansa, bumabanat na. ‘Yung pandemic, ano bang tatratuhin natin yan, threat ba yan or kailangan mag-adjust tayo na nandiyan na yan habambuhay?” he added.

As one of the most prolific senators in the 17th and 18th Congresses, Gordon has authored 193 resolutions and 186 bills, 60 of which have been enacted into law.  He also chaired three standing committees in the Senate. 

He chairs the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon), Committee on Government Corporations and Public Enterprises, and the Justice and Human Rights Committee.

Through the legislative investigations he initiated, Gordon has put behind bars two Immigration officials and an ex-cop, caused the resignation of a former PNP chief, and the dismissal of numerous civil servants for erring in government.