The promotion of unity, peace and security is the fundamental duty of government to create a foundation for building a nation

  • Seek the amendment of the Constitution for greater flexibility in entering into treaties, especially on matters of national defense and security, among others
  • Work against the fragmentation of the country, and push for legislation for development and accountability in the regions, especially in ARMM
  • Pass legislation and adopt budgets to create a strong, well-disciplined armed forces and police forces, supported by adequate and modern equipment and weapons
  • Pass legislation rationalizing plate numbers and identification marks for motorcycles, public transport, increasing size and visibility to aid in identification and to deter criminal activity
  • Adopt measures to mobilize the public in deterring crime
  • Pass measures designed to speed up the court system to ensure certainty of trial and punishment and prevent impunity

To truly create an empowered and globally competitive people that are focused, flexible, and forward looking, prepared for the 21st century

  • Increases the salaries of teachers to attract the best and brightest to educate the future of the country
  • Pass legislation mandating strengthening science education throughout the country
  • Pass legislation requiring a shift from printed textbooks to computer tablets, to save on annual printing costs and create a more computer savvy population

Coordinating our investment and infrastructure and agricultural strategies to create jobs and opportunities, capitalizing on the stable growth of our population, and ensuring that the people will no longer find their future in foreign shores, will find their future in the Philippines

  • Pass legislation creating strategic development areas, tying infrastructure together with special economic zones:
    • 3-3-1 Strategy for Central Luzon, linking the seaports of Mariveles, Subic and Manila, and the airports of Manila, Clark, and Subic into one large investment area
    • Central Mindanao Corridor, linking the cities, airports and seaports of Cagayan de Oro, Davao and General Santos, establishing a train system, and creating investment areas along the train and highway system
    • Central Panay Corridor, linking the international airports and ports of Iloilo and Kalibo, establishing investment areas in Iloilo, Capiz and Aklan
    • Central Visayas Corridor, establishing investment areas along the length of Cebu, linked to the port of Cebu and the airport at Mactan
    • Creating the Philippine Backbone Investment System by linking San Bernardino and Hinatuan Straits, opening up investment areas in Bicol, Eastern Visayas, and Eastern Mindanao
  • Pass legislation creating a single transportation authority for Metro Manila, integrating the trains, highways, public utility vehicles, giving it power to expropriate, and create development and investment areas, to support the cost of infrastructure development
  • Push for the amendment of the constitution to allow greater foreign investment in the country
  • Pass legislation to lower taxes and increase savings and investment
  • Pass legislation speeding up the bidding process, and allowing qualified entrepreneurs to compete with big corporations for government contracts
  • Pass legislation to allow more flexible Public-Private Partnerships and ensuring that government projects are planned with a bigger perspective in mind to ensure financial viability at lower tax burdens to the public
  • Pass a prison labor law to utilize prisoners in building and maintaining infrastructure, such as irrigation canals and in reforestation programs
  • Pass legislation requiring the installation of floodwater catchment basins and cisterns in major residential, commercial and infrastructure developments
  • Pass legislation transforming the National Food Authority away from subsidizing rice prices toward subsidizing the farmers
  • Investigate government’s infrastructure plans and determine the people will get their money’s worth by ensuring that investment strategies are also in place
  • Investigate the implementation of the government’s investment program, whether targeted investments have been realized
  • Investigate government’s agricultural policies and push for greater diversification away from rice and toward to more fruits and vegetables
  • Investigate the non-implementation of the Tourism Act

Reforming our political system to ensure that people can truly exercise their democratic rights for the common good

  • Pass legislation on electoral reform, mandating debates paid for by government, preventing party-switching, regulating campaign finance
  • Investigate the underspending of the Administration and redirect the spending to increasing salaries for soldiers, police, teachers and health workers
  • Investigate the non-implementation of mandatory provisions in the Automated Elections Law regarding the publication of the source code, electronic signatures and other measures that prevent cheating

Investing in the future for the wellbeing of the people, protecting them from risks from nature, from sickness securing them in their retirement

  • Push for legislation to expand the economic and tax base to ensure long term, increase income and investment viability of pensions and health care systems
  • Increase budget of salaries for health professionals working in the public system, especially those deployed to the regions
  • Push for legislation to establish proper evacuation centers in each city and municipality, properly equipped for the risks in each municipality, to ensure that schools can continue operating
  • Push for legislation mandating town planning that reduces disaster risks, and integrates plans for livelihood for residents
  • Investigate the performance of the Social Security System