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Senator Richard J. Gordon reminded that there is a law to be followed in the conduct of investigations of the shootings, in the wake of the spate of killings of suspected drug pushers in the country, to assure that the rights of the citizens are respected.

Gordon pointed out Republic Act (RA) 8551 states that the Philippine National Police’s Internal Affairs Service can conduct motu proprio investigations on incidents of firearms discharge.

“There is a law, a process to be followed. The law must take its course as dictated by RA 8551. The Senate oversight should be used judiciously so we do not become shrill.

Part of Section 39 of RA 8551 states that: The IAS shall also conduct, motu proprio, automatic investigation of the following cases: a) incidents where a police personnel discharges a firearm; b) incidents where death, serious physical injury, or any violation of human rights occurred in the conduct of a police operation.

“We do not countenance the killings but there is a rule here. The police or the PNP must conduct its own probe and there’s a law that says that. Let the law do its job. The law must be utilized. However, the police, in performing their duties, should respect the rights of citizens,” he said.

The senator noted that with the Duterte administration having just taken over, he would not want the executive and the legislative to start rowing.

“This Administration is not even two weeks old yet. I wouldn’t want the executive and the legislative to quarrel,” he said in light of the two branches locking horns over the spate of killings.

When he was elected as Mayor of Olongapo City, he transformed what was then known as the Sin City into a Model City, defined by its cleanliness, and the discipline of its residents.

Gordon is also the father of the Peoples’ Law Enforcement Board, which empowers the people against abusive and erring policemen. ###

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